Beautiful Glass Containers For Kitchen In India 2021
November 8, 2020

Beautiful Glass Containers For Kitchen In India 2021

Beautiful Glass Containers For Kitchen In India 2021


Glass is the safest and healthiest material for our health. It’s elegant looks enhance the beauty of your kitchen. This is the safest material for the storage as well as for cooking. As you know that an organized kitchen is always attracts us. Where you want to spent more time. It also helps you in your kitchen in an organized way. You can save your time. Because the material which is stored inside the jar is visible from outside. The storage containers are the basic need of your kitchen. As we know safety of food is as important as keeping food cooking. These containers makes our food last for a long period of time. At present there are number of products runs in the market. Therefore the selection of right one is too difficult. You don’t know which one is safe and healthy for your health as for your requirements of your kitchen. For example the container is airtight or not the material which is used is safe for your health or not and many more. Therefore after considering all these aspects or points we are try to solve your problem through this article. We are going to show you a few storage containers which is genuine and highly recommend by the customers.


Beautiful Glass Containers For Kitchen

Milton Cube Storage Glass Jar, Set of 6, 310 ml, Transparent

  • Materia type: Glass; No. of containers: 6; Capacity of containers: 310 ml; Colour: Silver.
  • Air tight: Yes; Food grade: Lid is 100% BPA Free; Leak proof: Yes.
  • Square shape jar suitable for modular kitchen drawer.
  • this glass jar is transparent which helps to identify inside contents easily
  • It is quite handy to operate, steel finish transparent lids for a see through vision of the jar’s containers.
  • Top3 Beautiful Glass Containers For Kitchen In India 2021

Treo By Milton Cube Storage Glass Jar, Set description

Tero is a very big and reputed brand of Milton in glass industry. It does not need any recognition. Here we are suggesting you the multipurpose jars by Treo. It comes in the glass material. The quality of these jars are looking great good to handle. The material is strong and sturdy. These containers are comes with steel and glass lid. And the material of lid is 💯% food grade. However these jars are made from glass material but it is strong and durable also because this brand provides the Best quality of glass material in their products. You can store and organize almost all kinds of items in these set of jars. These jars are airtight which protects food from moisture and retain it’s natural aroma. This terrific product create variety in your kitchen and keep your food fresh and healthy for long periods of time. This storage solution is not only a great organizer but also it gives your kitchen stylish and modern touch. These jars are transparent which helps you to identify inside content easily. In these jars you can store dry fruits, sugar, snacks, biscuits, tea, coffee and many more food items that we tend to use daily in the kitchen. These jars are leak proof. In this pack you can get six jars with 310 ml capacity.

Beautiful Glass Containers For Kitchen

 (Pack of 8) Hexagon Glass Jar and Container(220 ml) 

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  • For more than 1 unit place multiple orders.
  • Microwave, Fridge safe.
  • Can be used to serve beverages – shakes/juices etc Avoid use of plastic.
  • use only Glass bottle for health and safety reasons
  • Store your food in style and keep them safe.
  • SIZE: HEIGHT – 10 CM , WIDTH- 7 CM Ideal for storing food items such a jams, pickles, etc.
  • Great for gift packaging and look very attractive when filled with colourful food items!
  • Please dry lids immediately after wash OR just wipe it with wet cloth.
  • Top3 Beautiful Glass Containers For Kitchen In India 2021


As we know that glass is the best material for the storage of food items. These multipurpose jars are comes from the house of Machak.


In this set of jars you are getting 14 pieces of glass jars with 450 ml capacity. The lid of each jar is rust free. These jars are air tight also. The golden lid gives classy look to these jars. These jars are lead free which is very good for your health also. The material of this set of jar is made from food grade glass and it’s lid is also made from BPA free metal. The total weight of this set of jar is 4 kg 200 gm.

Versatile Jars

These jars are ideal for such food items like Honey, jam, pickles, chocolates, etc. It is a great gifting option also. It can be filled with decorative candy, mixed nuts or small favors. You can also store bulk spices, sugar, tea leaf, peanut butter in these jars. These versatile jars have one cup capacity for solid or liquid.

Customers Review

There are large number of customers of this set of jars. Who gives 4.1 rating of this product. They are highly satisfied for It may help you to take a good decision for buying this product

Beautiful Glass Containers For Kitchen

Glass Jars and Containers 450 ml with Rust Proof Air Tight Golden Lid, Set of 14

  • Ideal For Storing Food Items Such As Honey, Jams, Pickles, Chocolates Etc.
  • Great For Gift Packaging And Look Very Attractive When Filled With Colourful Food Items!
  • Capacity: 450 ml, LxBxH – 11.5 x 8 x 6 approx.
  • Top3 Beautiful Glass Containers For Kitchen In India 2021
  • 8 sided jar looks beautiful when stacked in your kitchen
  • Safe storage of food, as compared to plastic jars.
  • Suitable to use multipurpose storage with airtight cap
  • Glass Jar with Air Tight Gold Lid for Kitchen Dried Masla Storage.
  • Jar,Honey Jar,Jar and Container,Spice Masala Jar,Glass,Visible.
  • Glass Jar for Kitchen Storage Set
  • Grocery Jar Grain Jars Honey Sauce Jars Crafting Jars Kitchen Storage Glass Jars Pickle Storage jars


This multipurpose glass jar set is comes from the House of SATYAM KRAFT. It is an Indian company. Glass is the material which is absolutely safe for storing food items.


In this pack you are getting 8 pieces of jars With 220ML capacity. The shape of these jars are hexagon. these jars are made from 100% food grade material whose lid is made from BPA free metal. The glass material is lead free also. these jars are leakproof therefore it can be used for wet food items these jars are airtight which helps to retain the natural aroma of the food items. The containers are microwave and freeze safe.


You can opt this product as a gifting option. It can be used for Pickles, jam, decorative candies, mixed nuts, or small favors. these jars are perfect for storing craft stuffs: Beads, pins, ribbons, stars etc. it can be also used for storing spices, sugar, tea-leaf, Peanut butter and many more. These versatile jars have 1 Cup capacity for solid and liquid.

Safety feature

Drive the lids of the container properly after wash with cotton cloth.


Best Glass Food Storage

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