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March 20, 2021

Benefits Of Solarized Bottles 2021

Does Storage and use of water in colored glass bottles make a difference than normal transparent glass bottles?


Glass is the healthiest material which is not only preserved minerals but also remains freshness of the water. This is an equal friendly material. there are many benefits of different colored bottles.

Benefits of solarized bottles

Blue bottle

Blue bottle: Blue colored bottle Increases the oxygen frequency of the water. Which remains the freshness and cleanness of water for long period of time. Blue color bottle Improves the quality of water.

Blue bottle

It makes the water anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It can also works in the teething problem in babies, can be able to cure stings, rashes and itches. The solarized water in blue color can calm fever too. It can also helps to overcome from the thyroid imbalance.

Yellow Bottle: Yellow colored bottle is considered as the weight corrective color. This yellow Bottle also help to cleanse your skin and prevent it from skin infections. It also helps in concentration, increases alertness.

Orange Bottle: Orange colored bottle can improve your digestion, relieve menstrual pain, reduce cramps and lift depression too.

Green Bottle

Green Bottle: Green colored bottle can eases stress and can also helps for lowering of high blood pressure. This green colored bottle can give strength and improves immunity.

Indigo bottle

Indigo bottle: Indigo colored solarized bottle helps in blood purification. People who are suffering from boils, ulcers, veicose vein, shingles and insomnia can be use this indigo colored solarized bottle to minimize their problem. It can also helps to relieve pain. This Indigo colored bottle can heal woods and eczema too. It can also helps to release stress and sip of a glassful of water can gives you a calm and relaxed mind.

Red bottle

Red bottle: Red colored solarized bottle helps to raise low blood pressure and boost sluggish circulation.

Pink bottle

Pink bottle: This pink colored solarized bottle can be beneficial for your skin. It can also boost your energy. This pink color is the combination of red and violet therefore you can get combined energies and benefits of both colors.

Sky blue bottle

Sky blue bottle: The sky blue colored bottle can energizes thyroid and maintain the balance of it. It can also improves your immunity too.


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