Top3 Best Ceramic Serving Bowl Set India 2021
November 14, 2020

Top3 Best Ceramic Serving Bowl Set India 2021

Top3 Best Ceramic Serving Bowl Set India 2021

Serving Bowl Introduction

We learn from our ancestors to store pickles jar. This tradition is transmitted from age to age without breaking. We can store many types of pickles like mango, lime, alma and many more in these jars.  Ceramic Serving Bowl Set and bakeware can be use as food storage containers also. These storage containers comes with glass or ceramic lids in few brands and few sellers sell lids separately Here.

Health Friendly Cookware

Ceramic cookware is generally considered as the healthiest material. Ceramic is the material Which is made from clay that has been heated. It is a category that includes pottery, earthenware Terracotta, stoneware porcelain, fine china, bone china, paper clay etc as sub categories. The name Indicate different materials used to make the ceramic.

Importent Note

Before buying ceramic food storage containers you should also aware that finishes on ceramics can be glazed and the ingredients of the Paint may pose health risk. Glazed ceramic can contain lead in the paint so be sure to look be sure  for ceramic that is lead-free.

 Best Ceramic Serving Bowl Set India

Ceramic Serving Donga (Set of 3, White and Black Motif)

  • These elegant ceramic serveware bowls makes for essential kitchen accessories.
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS : 3 Ceramic Donga with Lid ; DIMENSIONS : Diameter – 15 cm, 12.5 cm, 10.5 cm, Height – 11.5 cm, 10 cm, 7.5 cm ; Volume – 900 ml, 500 ml,300 ml ; Total Weight – 2650 gm.
  • MATERIAL : Ceramic ; COLOR : Black and White ; Product is Microwave and Dishwasher Safe and Lead free.
  • ART : Handmade and Hand glazed , fired at high temperatures (1200 celsius) by the studio potters of Uttar Pradesh , India.
  • Use warm soapy water for cleaning with soft sponge. Do not use a metal scrubber.
  • Top3 Best Ceramic Serving Bowl Set India 2021

Prefect Serveware

StyleMyWay presents a perfect fusion of genuine handmade pottery with elegant looks. You will be glad to purchase this set of ceramic cookware and never regret to purchase this. You will use these serving cookware for your guests  and get a huge appreciation for your fine hospitality.

Handmand Potteries

The company StyleMyWay educates and work with rural Indian artisans according to urbanized Indian handicrafts and create a variety of lifestyle utility items. They select the best from their handmade potteries and brings you the best varity of Indian craftsmanship and artistry quality.

The Capacity of Serving Bowls

StyleMyWay brings you an elegant ceramic bowl with lid. Which is must have in your kitchen. With one pack you can get three set of ceramic donga with lid. These set of dongas comes in different sizes also with the volume –900 ml, 500 ml, and 300 my.Therefore the total weight of this pack is 2650 GM.

Safest Cookware

This ceramic Serve ware comes in black and white colour. Which is microwave and dishwasher safe. It is lead free also. A number of happy customers buying this set of ceramic cookware with full of satisfaction and give the high rating of this product with 4.5. This product is not only customer’s desired Product but also this is a pocket friendly product.

Important Note –

This ceramic serveware set cannot be heated on gas stove or induction cooktop. For heating your food you can use microwave.

 Best Ceramic Serving Bowl Set India

(Brown, Each Bowl 600 ml) | Ceramic Dinner Serving Bowl Set of 2

  • This beautiful ceramic serveware can be used to serve Rice/ Dal / Curries / Curd on your Dining Table.
  • Product Dimension : Diameter – 5 inch X Height – 4 inch ; Weight of Product – 790 gm; Volume – 600 ml
  • MATERIAL : Ceramic ; COLOR : Brown ; Product is Microwave and Dishwasher Safe and Lead free
  • ART : Handmade out of clay , fired at high temperatures (1200 celsius) by the studio potters of Uttar Pradesh , India
  • Top3 Best Ceramic Serving Bowl Set India 2021
  • Use warm soapy water for cleaning with soft sponge. Do not use a metal scrubber.

Prefect Serveware

StyleMyWay Handcrafted Ceramic Donga Set. These elegant looking beautiful handmade and hand printed serving bowl’s design is inspired by overcast era. Which is perfect for your daily dining needs and add grace in your dining table.

Handmand Potteries

 These beautiful ceramic bowls. can be use to serve normal or authentic food like Rice/ Dal/ Curries/ Curd and many more on your dining table. This unique glazed pottery is a unique art of khurja Uttar Pradesh. Whose origin dates back to ancient Turkey.

The Capacity of Ceramic Serving Bowl Set

In this pack you can get two same sized dongas with 600 ml capacity. The total weight of this pack is 1 kg 590 g. The colour of this ceramic donga is brown.

Safest Cookware

These ceramic serving bowl set are microwave and dishwasher safe also. This is lead free product that makes it healthier for you. This product is handmade product out of clay is fired at high temperature (1200 Celsius) by the studio potters of Uttar Pradesh India.

Safty Feature

If you want to use these elegant designed dongas for long period of time clean it with warm soapy water with soft sponge.

Customer’s  Reviews

Many happy customers are giving this product high rating. They love to buy ceramic serving bowl set. The rating of this product is 4.5. Which can assure you about the quality of this product.

Important note

Do not use metal scrubber for washing this utensil.

 Best Ceramic Serving Bowl Set India

Cupshup Evergreen Ceramic Casserole, Set of 1, 850 ml, Blue

  • Included components: 1 Casserole | Volume Capacity Name: 850 ml
  • Is Dishwasher Safe: Yes| Is Microwave Safe: Yes| Is Freezer Safe: Yes
  • Top3 Best Ceramic Serving Bowl Set India 2021
  • Color Name: Blue| Pattern Name: Printed
  • Special Feature: Non Toxic, BPA Free

Prefect serveware

Give a smart look of your kitchen and your dining table with the help of these Cupshup Ceramic Casseroles. It’s stunning looks amazed and attracts the attention of your guest. It’s design is also add spice in your life. In this pack you will get one good quality ceramic casserole with 850 ml of capacity.

Safest Cookware

This ceramic casserole is not only dishwasher and microwave safe but also you can use this casserole in freezer because this is freezer safe also. It comes in two different colours blue and pink. It is made up with the non-toxic material. It is also BPA free.

Keeps The Food Warm

This casserole keeps the food warm. The glass lid is designed in order to prevent the food from getting cold in this ceramic casserole. You can choose this casserole as an gifting option. There are numerous happy customers give this product high rating after using this product.

Best Ceramic Food Storage ,

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