Top 10 Best Fridge Storage Containers Online India 2021
May 27, 2021

Top 10 Best Fridge Storage Containers Online India 2021

1. LATUKI LTK Best fridge Storage racks set Plastic multicolor Containers | BUY ON AMAZONFridge Storage Containers

  • “PROUDLY MADE IN INDIA” Size : 29L x 12.5B x 8.5H cm :::: Material : Plastic :::: Colour : Multi(Colour Will Be Send As Per Available In Stock..)
  • Lightweight and durable food container, folding construction design and great to be put into refrigerator.
  • Easy to clean, durable and sturdy, these pantry organizers bins are smooth around the edges, don’t break easily even in the hands of a toddler, ideal for keeping baby’s snack organised.
  • The handy front makes it easy to grab,flat and raised bottom make it easy to pull out from freezer

2.  Solimo Fridge Organizer set (4 pieces) | BUY ON AMAZON

Fridge Storage Containers

  • Product 1: Smart-slide design to ensure sturdy grip on surfaces like glass, wood, plastic etc
  • Product 1: Product dimensions :(L x W x H ):16cm x 15cm x 6cm , Made from high-quality food-grade plastic to ensure durability and safe usage
  • Product 1: Engineered to withstand heavy weight and rough impact with a robust plastic built
  • Product 2: Made from food grade, heavy gauge stainless steel
  • Product 2: Ideal for kitchen storage

3. Rivtoxx Airtight and Reusable Refrigerator Food Storage Organizer Boxes with Lid and 3 small Bins. | BUY ON AMAZON

Fridge Storage Containers

  • VERSATILE CONTAINERS – Suitable for storing fresh farm products, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, etc.It is also suitable for storing cereals, pasta snacks & can be used as a storage box for other items.
  • FOOD GRADE MATERIAL – Our Food storage containers made from durable 100% food grade PP material, BPA Free & No Harmful Smell.
  • EASY TO USE AND TO CLEAN – Store your fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy’s and beverages with our container set in easy to clean food storage boxes.
  • Prevent unpleasant odor in the refrigerator via mixing things together..

4.  Peiroks 4 PC’s Expendable Adjustable Fridge Storage Basket Under shelf Fridge | BUY ON AMAZON

Fridge Storage Containers

  • [ PACKAGE INCLUDE ] – 4 x Fridge Storage Basket. Made Of Premium BPA Material, Lightweight, Sliding Design and Easy to Glide In and Out the Foods. [MADE IN INDIA]
  • [ UNIQUE DESIGN ] – Adjustable Design, Expandable, Simple to Install According to the Size, Fast Removal and Easy to Clean, Moved, Washable and Space-Saving.
  • [ MULTI-PURPOSE STORAGE ] – Organise Your Food/Drinks/Small Parts. They are Used for Refrigerator, Freezer, Table, Desk, Cabinet Etc.
  • [ EXPANDABLE ] – Just Slide and Expand the Under Shelf Basket According to the Space That is Needed.

5. Organizer Rack Space Saver Refrigerator Sliding Drawers, Unbreathable Random color ( Multicolor) | BUY ON AMAZON

Fridge Storage Containers

  • [ PACKAGE INCLUDE ] – 4 x Fridge Storage Basket And 8 Pcs Measuring Cups Made Of Premium BPA Material, Lightweight, Sliding Design and Easy to Glide In and Out the Foods. [MADE IN INDIA]
  • [ UNIQUE DESIGN ] – Simple to Install According to the Size, Fast Removal and Easy to Clean, Moved, Washable and Space-Saving.
  • [ MULTI-PURPOSE STORAGE ] – Organise Your Food/Drinks/Small Parts. They are Used for Refrigerator, Freezer, Table, Desk, Cabinet Etc.
  • 4 Storage tray, color: depending as per availability of stock (Red,Orange,Green,Blue).

6. Borosil – Klip N Store Microwave and Oven safe, Glass Storage Containers, 320ml Square with Airtight Lid.| BUY ON AMAZON

  • Air/Liquid tight Containers
  • Heat resistant till 400DC, Non porous glass will not absorb stains or odors
  • Stackable Containers
  • Microwave, Oven, Dishwasher, Freezer proof
  • Color: Transparent, Material: Glass
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Square Containers with Lid (320ml)

7. Femora Borosilicate Glass Container with Air Vent Lid| BUY ON AMAZON

Fridge Storage Containers

  • Made from borosilicate glass, the food storage containers are air tight, leakproof, freezable, microwavable and oven safe. As a bonus, the smart locking lids with vents of the glass femora containers make your food warming a breeze. (lids are NOT microwave, oven or dishwasher safe)
  • Microwave safe || oven proof || freezer proof,Plus, it’s entirely dishwasher safe, making cleaning hassle-free
  • You can use this storage kitchen container for storing, freezing, reheating, baking and serving. It suits for homemade baby food, for last night’s leftovers, for taking lunch on the go and packing snacks, tiffins.
  • 1 Year Door Step Replacement Warranty.

8. Signoraware Lock ‘N’ Store High Borosilicate Bakeware Safe Glass Containers Rectangular | BUY ON AMAZON

Fridge Storage Containers

  • Heat resistant up to 400 degrees celsius, stackable for convenient storage
  • 100 percent microwave safe and 100% Borosilicate Glass , oven, dishwasher and freezer proof
  • Package Contents: 3-Piece Containers Set (370ml+640ml+1040ml)
  • Gives your kitchen a modern and stylish look with 100-percent food grade and microwave safe, B.P.A free
  • Modern look, see through glass like look, exeptional gift idea

9. Allo Food safe Rectangle Glass Food Storage Containers with break free Detachable Lock.| BUY ON AMAZON

Fridge Storage Containers

  • ✔BREAK FREE DETACHABLE LOCK – Now, never worry about lock/clip breakage as you can simply remove and re-attach the locks. My easily removable silicone ring and 100% pure glass container makes cleaning of oily food simple.
  • ✔I AM MICROWAVE SAFE & OVEN SAFE – Enjoy your hot food by placing me in a microwave. Don’t worry, like other containers, I will not release any toxic chemicals whatsoever into your food. Guess what, you can even make your favorite food by placing me in the oven.
  • ✔I AM MULTI PURPOSE- You can use me for Glass Food Storage, Fridge Storage,Oven Bakeware, Microwave Safe Heating, freezer Storage purposes. You can store fruits and vegetables,leftover food, bake your favourite dishes like Pasta, Lasagne, Brownie, Pie and cook in microwave
  • ✔I AM LEAKPROOF & AIR TIGHT- Like some other containers, I don’t leak juices and gravies, ever. Being Air Tight, I protect your food from everything, making it taste like it has just been prepared.

10. ALCIONO MAKING LIFE SMOOTHER Silicone Reusable Storage Container Preservation Leakproof Ziplock Bag for Food, Snacks, Vegetables, Meat for Fridge and Microwave| BUY ON AMZON

Fridge Storage Containers

  •  FOOD GRADE MATERIAL – This reusable silicone food storage bag made of food grade silicon , approved by FDA & SGS , no fillers , coating , BPA , BPS , BPF , PVC , Phthalates or any the chemicals which can be dangerous to your health after they migrate into the food.
  •  LEAKPROOF – Designed with Airtight seal , Leakproof vacuum and zip-locked container that can store all kinds of solids and liquids without spilling. Hermetic seal to store liquids or solids. (NOTE: When you start to use it for first several times , the lock for the bag may a little tight seal, that’s for a special purpose to make the best effect of preservation.)
  •  MULTIFUNCTIONAL – Excellent heat and cold resistant , temperature resistant range: -50℃~+250℃ , can be boiled and used in microwave oven , refrigerator , toaster , freezer , dishwasher safe , available in kitchen and outdoors for carrying.

On which temperature our food gets fresh in fridge?

The appropriate temperature for the fridge is 39°F (4°C) or colder. In this temperature food can be protected from longer period of time.

How do I organize my fridge for food safety?

It is necessary to store raw and cooked food separately in the fridge. The bacteria of raw food can be deteriorate cooked food. These bacteria multiplies and can be dangerous for the health. Therefore it is must be follow some safety rules when you store food items in the fridge.

• Cooked food must be store in the first shelf.
• In the bottom of the shelf you can store raw food items or bottles.
• Always mentioned the expiry date on the Organizer.
• Cooked food items must be consumed with in one year or two days.
• Always store raw food in sealed or covered container at the bottom of the fridge.

How do you store raw food in the fridge?

Raw food items must be sealed properly before storing it. Unsealed raw food items can be lead to cross contamination. Always remember That row food items like meat breeding ground for bacteria. You can use airtight containers or zip lock bags 2 store raw food items.

What goes on the top shelf of the fridge?

The top shelf of the refrigerator can be used two store The leftovers and ready to eat food items. it is necessary to store of food items in another down shelf. The raw food contains some harmful bacteria which can contaminate your cooked food items. When the raw food items not sealed properly.

Where should raw food be stored in the fridge?

It is necessary to store raw food items in an air tight container because the bacteria of raw food items can be spoiled ready to eat food or your leftovers gradually in the fridge. These bacteria multiplies and creates many health related issues. All raw food items must be store at the bottom of the fridge.

What are the best freezer safe containers?

Glass containers plastic containers and flexible silicone bags appropriate packaging material for safe freezing. It is much easier remove frozen food from glass or plastic containers.

Silicon is the new material in the market which is also a very good material for freezing liquid or dry both food items. It can be used directly from freezer to microwave without taking any worry. Types of containers for fridge?


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