Best Plastic Kitchen Containers Under 500 India 2021
November 10, 2020

Best Plastic Kitchen Containers Under 500 India 2021

Best Plastic Kitchen Containers Under 500 India 2021

Topic: Best Plastic Kitchen Containers India 2021


In this blog we are trying to help those people how want to purchase Best Plastic Kitchen Containers. We use plastics in many ways like bowls wraps the bottles bags for food storage and beverages.

Some Features of Harmful Plastics

Our science have found in their certain research that the chemical in plastic can leach out of the plastic and into the foods and beverages we eat. These chemicals badly effect to our health such as metabolic disorders or reduced fertility. when we heat these plastics food storage containers in higher degree this leaching can occur more faster.

Disadvantages of BPA Free Plastics

Among the more troubling chemicals are phthalates an bisphenol A (BPA).Both are endocrine disrupters. These substances interfere with the action of human hormones. Phthalates are known to toxicologist as male reproductive toxicants but this group of chemicals are also known the I’ll effects in females. This chemical sometime referred to as plasticizers and are often used to make vinyl, plastic soft and flexible.

Guidelines of Plastic Containers

Some plastics to are deemed by the FDA to be microwave safe. But it is customers duty to check the specifications before purchasing that the item they want to purchase is good for Their  health or not. Before purchasing any plastic food storage containers customers should always understand which type of plastic container they want to buy. They should understand how long they can use their containers in the microwave. That on which temperature is safest for your food. All these guidelines should be mentioned by the manufacturer or not. Because plastics release more chemical when heated. So avoid heating your leftovers in plastic container in microwave.

plastic kitchen containers india

Cutting EDGE Food Saver Lunch, Picnic & Leftover Multipurpose Plastic Container Rainbow Pack – Set of 8 

  • Exciting Rainbow Colors – Attractive & Beautiful – Perfect for your home & kitchen
  • Space – Saver , Completely Stackable and Modular – Extra Strong , Extra Tough – designed to last for years
  • Sustainably Produced & Safe for the Environment (100% Recyclable – please dispose responsibly)
  • Microwave Safe (without lid), BPA Free & 100% Recyclable, Food Safe as Per International Norms
  • Top3 Best Plastic Kitchen Containers Under 500 India 2021


This is the made in India product. Our this multipurpose rainbow food containers set and super saver combo pack comes in various sets of 2,3,6 or 8 x 96 use. You can store spices Leftover food items or use as to carry your lunch. These containers are absolutely leak-proof and airtight also. You can keep your food fresh for many hours.

Capacity of Containers

In this combo pack you can get 535 ml capacity of one round container 290 ml capacity of two containers and one 190 ml capacity of one round container. You can also get 350 ml capacity of two tumblers and a mini container with 150 ml capacity.

Multipurpose Plastic Containers 

You can store many types of food items liquids dry or cooked as for your requirement. The transparent body makes it easy to identify the food items without opening the lid. These containers are microwave safe without lid and you can have your meal after reheating your meal with complete peace of mind. These containers are freezer safe also. You can refrigerate your left over meal in the refrigerator. These containers are durable and will last for a long period of time even with regular use.

Safety Features of kitchen Containers

These food containers can be used as a great option of lunch boxes. These containers are made of good quality of virgin and food grade plastic. Which is BPA free and complete the regulations of FDA. It is also complete 10910 safety of you and your loved ones.

plastic kitchen containers india

Cutting EDGE Nesterware Food Storage Container for Pulses, Sugar, Tea, Cereals – 500ML (Dark Blue, 3Set)

  • 100% BPA Free, microwave, dishwasher, consumer & environment safe.
  • Recyclable, kid friendly and unbreakable. Material: Polypropylene
  • Air Tight, Liquid Tight, Nestable, Stackable and Flexi Lid.
  • One lid fits multiple bases. Use in refrigerator, freezer or outside.
  • Safely used in the microwave up to 100-105°C (no direct flame) for any length of time as long as there is moisture content.
  • Top3 Best Plastic Kitchen Containers Under 500 India 2021


Cutting Edge is an Indian company. Which is made plastic food containers and many other types of storage accessories from high quality plastic. . Cutting Edge is the brand which stands for dependability and commitment to the customers both in service and kind. This is the trust worthy brand which provides you microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer environment and health safe products.

Maintenance Free

In these storage containers you can cook your food in microwave. You can cook up to 40 minutes in microwave or until there is moisture in your dish. You can use it from microwave to refrigerator Directly Your food in any possible order. These maintenance free products are convenient to use. These are stackable food containers. You can recycle this eco friendly containers.


These are air tight containers which is less stable also. It comes with flexible lid. Every lid fits on multiple bases. You can use these nestable containers in refrigerator, freezer or outside to store your food. In this set you will get three containers. The capacity of each containers is 500 ml

Safty Features of Plastic

This product is completely made from food grade Virgin plastic. This product is made from non toxic special polymers and are 100% BPA free. That’s why this is safe for you and your family’s health. This is environment friendly also.

Importent Note

You can microwave up 100 to 105 degree Celsius for 40 minutes or as long as there is moisture content in your food.

plastic kitchen containers india

Piesome Airtight Food Storage Containers Plastic Kitchen Storage Jars 6pc (400ML)

  • Airtight lock and fit multipurpose food storage Containers and maintains excellent freshness in food.
  • Ideal for storing food in the fridge, freezer or pantry and also perfect for transporting meals to school or Office work
  • Space-saving stack able and nest able design.
  • Refrigerator Safe, Dishwasher Safe in the top racks
  • Dishwasher, Microwave & Freezer Safe
  • Package Contents: 6-Pieces Container (400ml)
  • Top3 Best Plastic Kitchen Containers Under 500 India 2021


This food storage containers come with airtight, airlock and spill proof technology. It’s lit is secure and completely e fits in the container. Which is appropriate for your wet or dry storage of food. It is nestable and looks neatly organized. it also keeps your food fresh for long time and helping to retain its flavor and maintain the nutrition of your as itis and reduce waste.


Each matching lid features your snap down latches with a special silicone seal in the rim to ensure perfect secure closer and reliable leak-proof performance. These containers are stain resistant. These are good quality plastic food containers which gives you long lasting durability. You can easily open and close them. You can also reheat your leftover from freezer to microwave after removing it’s lid. All three containers comes in 400 ml capacity. In this back you will get six storage containers.

Usage of Containers

Its design is transparent which helps you to identify the content at a glance. These are an ideal containers for your kitchen. You can freeze your food ahead of time andcan store snacks for leftover in your fridge are dry goods as it is for a long time you can use it as your lunch box also. You can also store small craft items medicines for office supplies.

Space Saving Design

These food containers come in stackable design. They fits on one another. Which saves your space in your kitchen or your fridge freezer or cupboard. You can nest it compactly together and save the space for other items. These containers are not only freezer safe but also microwave and dishwasher safe.

Customers Feedback

many happy customers give this product 4.0 rating after using this product. They use these containers as their lunch box. Our many customers are said that these are durable and smell proof also and they are fully airtight.

Best Plastic Food Storage

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